Healthy Development and Screening

Services and programs that support healthy child development and identify concerns early

Early Childhood Family Education
Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is a parenting education program that provides programming and services for families of small children. ECFE classes are provided through Community Education statewide.
Early Childhood Screening
Screening may link families to free early learning opportunities and resources such as Head Start, Early Childhood Family Education, Early Childhood Special Education, Prekindergarten programs, Early Learning Scholarships or home visiting programs.
Family Home Visiting
Family home visiting (FHV) is a voluntary, home-based service ideally delivered prenatally through the early years of a child's life. Many programs follow evidence-based models, including Nurse Family Partnership, Parents as Teachers, Healthy Families America, Family Spirit, and Head Start / Early Head Start.
Follow Along Program
Programs in Minnesota
The Follow Along Program (FAP) is administered through local public health departments. It is a developmental (ASQ-3) and social-emotional (ASQ:SE-2) screening program for children ages birth to 36 months. Children with positive screening results are referred for further medical, mental health and/or educational evaluation and services.
Online Enrollment Form for Follow Along Program
Health Care Providers/Clinics
Visiting a health care provider for routine, well-child checkups is a great opportunity for parents to receive information about immunizations, healthy food choices, ways to keep children active, and tips to help children get ready for school. It is also a perfect time for parents and children to ask questions about any development, behavior, or mental health concerns. If a child is uninsured or insurance status is not known, contact the local county or tribal C&TC Coordinator for help finding a clinic.
Child and Teen Checkups
Child and Teen Checkups services are for children and young adults from birth to age 21 who receive healthcare benefits through Medical Assistance. Use this website to help answer these questions about finding a health care provider/clinic: