Caregiving and Community Support

Resources for homeless, immigrants, refugees, teen parents, and other family situations

Resources for families who provide permanent homes for children through adoption
Programs and services for fathers parenting young children
Foster Parents
Resources to support foster parents with young children
Grandparents/Kinship caregivers
Resources to support grandparents and other family members caring for young children
Homeless Children and Families
Shelters and Transitional Housing Programs
Emergency housing options for young children, teens, and families in a variety of situations
Immigrants and Refugees
Refugee Screening Clinics
Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Refugee Health Program providers
Community Health Clinics/Federally Qualified Health Centers
Community-based health care providers that provide primary care services in underserved areas
Rural Health Centers
Outpatient health care facilities that provide a broad range of diagnostic and treatment services to rural and medically underserved areas
Immigrant Law Resources
Programs that help immigrants with legal issues, such as assistance with applications
Pregnancy Support
Supportive services for women who are pregnant
Teen Parent Assistance
Services to helps prepare young parents with classes or other educational programs
Trafficked or Sexually Exploited Youth
Connects trafficked or sexually exploited youth with supportive services