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Rural Subsidized Housing for Families

Privately owned building that provides low-income housing to eligible individuals and families


Privately owned building whose owner contracts with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development to receive rental subsidies. Property owner/manager must follow USDA regulations. The government gives funds directly to the apartment owners, who lower the rents they charge tenants with low-income. This type of affordable housing is specifically for individuals or families. The rental cost for some units is determined based on the resident's income.


  • Area Served by County
    • Norman County
  • Specialization
    • Family
    • People with low income


Applicants must meet income guidelines. The USDA provides a guide to help you determine your eligibility, based on geographic location, income and family size. Download the document, open it, and click on the map of Minnesota to view county and metro area data. Households who fall into the "Very Low Income", "Low Income", and "Moderate Income" groupings are eligible for rental housing subsidized by the USDA. Priority may be given to lower income households if there is a waiting list for the property. There are additional guidelines for determining priority on a waiting list.

This type of housing is specifically for individuals and families. Individual properties may have additional eligibility requirements.

Application Instructions

To obtain an application, contact the management company responsible for the property at which you intend to apply. To find properties in Minnesota, visit the USDA Rural Development website and click on Minnesota. Click on a county to find a list of properties. Click on a property to obtain the contact information for the management company.

The information for each property includes the "complex type," which is Elderly, Family or Congregate housing. If the complex type is listed as Family, it is available for families as well as single-person households and elderly or disabled households.

Or you can contact the Minnesota USDA Rural Development State Office at (651) 602-7800.


300 316 4th St E, Halstad, MN, 56548

Area Served

Norman County

Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 320-269-6640



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