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Regional Navigator for Sexually Exploited Youth

This agency connects trafficked or sexually-exploited youth with supportive services. The youth are viewed as victims and survivors, not criminals.


Regional navigators are part of the Minnesota Safe Harbor program which views youth who engage in prostitution as victims and survivors, not criminals. Navigators are the main point of contact for sexually-exploited youth and concerned agencies, and are responsible for connecting youth with supportive services and housing. The participants in Safe Harbor programs are treated with dignity and respect and the program recognizes their right to make their own choices.

Navigators also serve as regional experts on sexually-exploited youth. All members of the community are encouraged to contact the navigator when working with a young person who may be sexually exploited. Navigators can refer professionals to trainings about sexual exploitation of youth and the supportive programs that are available. Safe Harbor Regional Navigators follow the No Wrong Door approach, providing a single entry point to a wide variety of services.

Additional Information

The Link hosts the Safe Harbor Regional Navigator program for the West Metro area. The program takes crisis calls and gives referrals to youth who are victims of sex trafficking.

The West Metro Regional Navigator provides a 24/7 response for sex-trafficked youth for the counties of Hennepin, Scott and Carver and provides each youth with an individualized safety and needs assessment plan, mobile case management and connections with the variety of services they need. This position also provides training and technical assistance across the west metro region on the issue of minor sex trafficking.


Age 24 and younger

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Crisis and referral services for youth under the age of 24 who are victims of sex trafficking in Hennepin, Carver, and Scott counties.

Application Instructions

24/7 Response Line: (612) 232-5428


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Area Served

Hennepin, Scott and Carver counties

Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 612-232-5428



Other Services at this Location

  • Youth Shelter Temporary emergency shelter for children or youth

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