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Support Group - Grandparent of Children with Disabilities

Advice, support and comfort for people and their families


A group of people that meet on a regular basis to share their experiences and provide mutual support.

Additional Information

The Grandparent to Grandparent program supports grandparents of children with disabilities through:

  • Support groups
  • Phone support
  • Articles and newsletters

Grandparents are also welcome to participate in PACER activities, workshops and learn from the materials online.


  • Client Conveniences
    • Assistance with community resources
  • Payment
    • Free / no cost to eligible clients
  • Specialization
    • Family

Application Instructions

Call for information about support groups and to be matched with a trained grandparent in the phone support program.


8161 Normandale Blvd, Bloomington, MN, 55437

Area Served


Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 952-838-9000

Business Hours

8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday


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