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Parenting Support - Hearing Loss

Education and support for parents, or soon to be parents


Programming to help parents or potential parents succeed in the parenting role

This can include classes, workshops, information or other educational opportunities.

Additional Information

A non-profit organization that provides parent-centered online to young children with hearing loss, offering families hope, guidance and encouragement.

Provides classes including:

  • Baby and Preschool Course - Distance education for parents of young children with a hearing loss
  • Has live, online groups and text-based resources for parents
  • Interactive, individual sessions online with a therapist
  • Online parent groups

On their site you can choose from multiple materials designed to guide parents' knowledge and skills in childhood hearing loss, listening, language and speech.


  • Specialization
    • Children and/or youth with disabilities
    • Deaf or hard-of-hearing
    • Family


Serves parents of children birth - 5 years old with a hearing loss

Application Instructions

Register for free class online


No fee to access online information or to enroll to their online Distance Education


2160 W Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90018-2039


Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 213-748-5481

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