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Family Home Visiting - Hennepin Healthy Families, Family Ties, Nurse Family Partnership

Expectant parents, parents, or guardians of children five years old and younger can get in-home coaching with parenting skills and connections to community resources


Family Home Visiting is a voluntary, home-based service ideally delivered prenatally through a child's first few years.

Using information from developmental and risk assessments, a trained home visitor visits the family on a routine basis and works with the family on goals they have established together.

Home visiting uses a multi-generational approach, benefiting pregnant and parenting families with young children by:

  • Helping parents and caregivers develop safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments that support healthy development
  • Connecting families to community services, such as referrals for pregnant women to prenatal care
  • Supporting parents as a child's first teacher
  • Fostering parenting skills that decrease the risk of child abuse

Additional Information

Family Health offers home visiting programs for Hennepin County families:

  • Hennepin Healthy Families
  • Nurse Family Partnership
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Family Ties

Services may be offered by contracted agencies in Hennepin County.


  • Client Conveniences
    • Assistance with community resources
  • Evidence-Based Programs
    • Healthy Families America
    • Nurse Family Partnership
    • Parents as Teachers
  • Payment
    • Free / no cost to everyone
  • Specialization
    • Family


Most programs offer services prenatally through children up to five years of age. Families who present the greatest need are prioritized to receive visits, including those who may have the following risk factors:

  • Adolescent parents
  • History of child or domestic abuse, or other types of violence including victimization
  • History of homelessness or low resiliency to adversities and environmental stressors
  • Mental health disorders including maternal depression or reduced cognitive function
  • History of alcohol or substance use
  • Insufficient financial resources and economic instability due to employment barrier

Nearly all Family Home Visiting in Minnesota uses an evidence-based home visiting model that varies slightly in audience, eligibility, and focus.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Support is available during pregnancy and early years of parenting. Eligibility is determined by each program.

Application Instructions

There is no application process. Families interested in enrolling are connected with trained home visitors.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Call or text Meg at (612) 414-5696 for more information.


There is no fee for this service.


300 S 6th St, Government Center, Minneapolis, MN, 55487

Area Served

Hennepin County

Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 612-998-1796
  • Main: 612-348-4111
  • Main - After Hours Homeless Resources: 612-673-9138
  • Main - Crisis Line - Adult Mental Health Response: 612-596-1223


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