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Follow Along Program

Program that helps to make sure children are learning and growing appropriately for their age


The Follow Along Program (FAP) helps parents and caregivers measure how their children are developing and decide if educational and other community programs may be needed to help them keep pace with other kids their age.

It helps parents:

  • Learn and ask questions about child health and development
  • Figure out "what to teach" and "at what age" to teach it
  • Get information about other helpful services

How it works:

  • Parents get a call or visit from a public health department early childhood professional to learn about their child.
  • Questionnaires are sent to help parents measure how their child is developing at specific ages.
    • Results are shared and if there are concerns, a nurse or other professional contacts the parent about what they can do.

When a child reaches 36 months old, parents receive information about how to register for Early Childhood Screening to support their child's readiness for kindergarten.


  • Specialization
    • Children and/or youth with disabilities


Parents/caregivers with children birth to 36 months (three years). Some counties continue to provide the program for children 3 through Kindergarten entrance. Contact the local public health agency to learn if this is an option.

Application Instructions

Two ways to enroll:

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Dakota County details at https://www.co.dakota.mn.us/HealthFamily/Parenting/EarlyChildhoodDevelopment/Pages/follow-along-program.aspx


There is no fee for this service.


1 Mendota Rd W, West St. Paul, MN, 55118-4774

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Business Hours

8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 651-554-6178
  • Main: 651-554-5742
  • Alternate: 651-554-5611
  • Public Health: 651-554-6100

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Dakota County

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