Crisis Response of Southeast Minnesota

Adult Mental Health Crisis Response Services

Immediate help for people having urgent problems with depression, panic, anxiety, delusions, or other mood or behavior disorders


Adult Mental Health Crisis Response Services can help you cope with a current crisis and stay in your home and community. A trained mental health crisis responder assesses the crisis, helps you get through the crisis, and then follows up helping you connect with longer term support and services.

If you need more help to be safe, crisis response can help to set up hospital care or to access a crisis stabilization service.

Every county in the state has an adult mental health crisis telephone number.

Most counties also provide other kinds of crisis help, like:

  • Mobile Crisis Response Services: Trained crisis responders will come to your home (or a meeting place that you choose) to help you in a crisis
  • Residential Crisis Services: Help in a facility where you can stay for a few days until the crisis is under control
  • Crisis Stabilization Services: Help you connect with other support services and gain skills to avoid future crises

Additional Information

Provides crisis line for mental health issues, suicide prevention and support, and depression.

Mobile teams complete comprehensive crisis assessments. A crisis assessment is an immediate, face-to-face evaluation by a two crisis-trained mental health practitioners consulting with a mental health professional.

Provide immediate intervention to aid the caller in relieving current symptoms of the mental health crisis.

Offers support and counseling and connect callers to local resources.


  • Area Served by County
    • Dodge County
    • Fillmore County
    • Goodhue County
    • Houston County
    • Mower County
    • Olmsted County
    • Steele County
    • Wabasha County
    • Waseca County
    • Winona County
  • Payment
    • Medicaid (Medical Assistance)
    • Private health insurance
    • Sliding fee scale
  • Service Availability
    • 24 hours a day
  • Specialization
    • Mental health


Any adult in Minnesota who is experiencing a mental health crisis can use the crisis response services. Examples of mental health crises may include feeling suicidal, depression, seeing or hearing things that may not be there, flashbacks, anxiety, panic, or any other mental health crisis.

If you are in danger of hurting yourself or someone else, call 911 right away.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Dodge, Fillmore, Goodhue, Houston, Mower, Olmsted, Steele, Wabasha, Waseca, and Winona counties

Application Instructions

If you are in a different county, the state list of crisis phone numbers is available online.

Crisis Text Line details are also available online.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Contact the Crisis Line 24/7 for assistance: (844) 274-7472


People with or without insurance can get crisis help.


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Area Served

Dodge, Fillmore, Goodhue, Houston, Mower, Olmsted, Steele, Wabasha, Waseca, and Winona counties

Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 844-274-7472


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