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Housing Stabilization Services (HSS)

Medical Assistance benefit to help people with disabilities and seniors find and keep housing


Support to help reduce barriers for people with disabilities or disabling conditions (and their families) and seniors to find and keep housing. Provides three types of services that may include housing transition, sustaining and/or consultation services:

Housing Transition Services helps a person plan for, find, and move into housing and may include:

  • Helping the person think about preferred housing
  • Helping with the housing search and application process
  • Developing a budget
  • Understanding a lease
  • Helping to pay for moving expenses up to $3000 annually

Housing Sustaining Services helps a person keep their housing after they have moved in and may include:

  • Education on tenant-landlord rights and responsibilities
  • Coaching to develop relationships with property managers and neighbors
  • Training on how to be a good tenant; lease compliance
  • Problem-solving to maintain housing stability

Housing Consultation Services helps a person who does not have Medical Assistance (MA) case management develop a person-centered plan that addresses their needs, wants, and goals for living in the community and may include:

  • Developing a housing focused person-centered plan based on the person's needs, wants, and goals for housing
  • Helping a person make an informed choice in their housing transition or sustaining services provider
  • Offering resources related to non-housing goals
  • Coordinating with other service providers already working with the person

To learn more, see the Housing Benefits 101 Medical Assistance (MA) Housing Stabilization Service website.


  • Area Served by County
    • Hennepin County
  • Client Conveniences
    • Assistance with community resources
    • Housing Consultation
    • Housing Transition / Sustaining
  • Payment
    • Medicaid (Medical Assistance)


  • Be on Medical Assistance (MA)
  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a disability or disabling condition
  • Requires assistance with at least one of the following areas due to a disability or disabling condition:
  • Communication
  • Mobility
  • Decision making
  • Managing challenging behaviors
  • Have housing instability, such as:
  • Homeless
  • Transition from an institution or licensed registered setting
  • At-risk for homelessness
  • At-risk of institutionalization
  • Not getting similar services from other programs like Moving Home MN, Assertive Community Treatment, Housing Access Coordination, or Relocation Service Coordination

Application Instructions

May self-refer by contacting a Housing Stabilization service provider directly or with the help of a provider or case manager


1007 W Broadway Ave, Ste 200, Minneapolis, MN, 55411

Area Served

Hennepin County

Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 763-568-9374


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