Ability Online Support Network

Support Group - Youth With Disabilities

Advice, support and comfort for people and their families


A group of people that meet on a regular basis to share their experiences and provide mutual support.

Additional Information

Ability Online members have 24/7, free access to friendship, support, sharing of information and skill development opportunities in a monitored and family-friendly environment.

Online social support is available in 4 areas:

  • For Kids and Teens
  • For Young Adults (including information and tools for Transition to Adulthood)
  • For parents and caregivers
  • For professionals (health care and education)

Once registered, for safety, you have access to:

  • Discussions with people of the same age, or who are interested in the same topic
  • Role models and mentors
  • Skill and confidence development opportunities
  • Fun stuff - books for every reading level, games, activity ideas
  • Resources and connections for parents and professionals


  • Client Conveniences
    • Assistance with community resources
  • Service Availability
    • 24 hours a day
  • Specialization
    • Children and/or youth with disabilities
    • Family

Application Instructions

Go here to begin the registration process There is a screening process which involves a phone call, because this has kept kids safe for over 20 years, and then login and explore the possibilities. To register:

  1. Read the terms of use - important rules about using the tools
  2. Fill out your membership form
  3. You will get a phone call to finish registration




Area Served


Phone Numbers

  • Primary Contact for this program: 866-650-6207
  • Main - Office in Canada: 416-650-6207




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